Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, we are both a manufactuer and trading company, because we have so many items, we can’t manufacture all. But we have strong supply chain to ensure you get a good price and quick delivery time.

This is just an approximate price for your refrence only, Because the material price is varied all the time due to the market situation, meanwhile, the price is also great affected by the exchange rate. we suggest you contact us to offer an offical quotation based on your bulk order quantity and the market situation for raw material. But all in all, we can offer you a good price to match your nice quality.

Yes, we could offer an A4 size swatch sample for you to check the quality before bulk order, you just offer the courier cost by yourself. We are open to discuss any samples that you need from us.

Yes, that is one of our service, we call it OEM service. For OEM service or to customize your designs and quality, there will be a minimum order quantity to start, normally need  around 500m to 1000m, we need your original samples to work out the exact price.

For the bulk order quantity, normally around 25-35 days, depending on the production schedule and your order time. For the small order quantity below 50 meters, which means goods are in stock, the order could be shipped within around 3-5 days, but you need to contact us for more info about what fabrics could be available in a small quantity. 

Shipping costs depend on the size of the order and the delivery location. please contact us for confirmation.

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